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Current residential projects include home automation, including surveillance and mobile/remote control of home security, lighting and appliances within several regions within the Continental United States/East Coast.


Involved in a porfolio of multiple Satellite Communications (SATCOM), Telecommunications (Telecom), and Communications Security (COMSEC) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) and Systems Life Cycle Support Projects spanning Commercial, Public and Private Sectors, Illumnovate continues to exemplify its innovation as a world leader in systems and security engineering, infrastructure and COOP planning, enterprise and cloud architecture, program and project management, technology solutions development and large scale integration. Illumnovate is also providing value engineering, business analysis and consulting services to these current projects resulting in timely, world-class quality technical delivery and deployment of realized services, products and processes with high customer/stakeholder satisfaction.



Current portolio of multiple residential and commercial IT projects showcases Illumnovate to be the "one stop shop" for planning, installation, security set-up, data backup, user training and general operations, maintenance and repair for PCs, terminals, peripherals, networks (including wireless). Many current residential and/or commercial IT projects do include exercised options for maintenance contracts that ensure continued Quality of Service (QoS) levels and uninterrupted operations.
Illumnovate's Portfolio comprising of several Web Page Development, Automated Workflow and Applications Design Consulting Projects demonstrates Illumnovate's ability to evolve with innovative standards and design methodologies, tools and processes that invoke seamless business operations for Illumnovate's Clients. With these innovative projects, not only can Illumnovate help Clients satisfy their Organizations' requirements and met their objectives, but also these projects demonstrate dynamic, proactive and intuitive features that employ product, service and process improvement, thereby ensuring continued business viability and growth while increasing stakeholder, customer and consumer satisfaction.

Currently there are some robotic projects for research and development (R&D) and educational purposes underway at Illumnovate. Illumnovate is currently providing educational assistance and technical instruction for local and national Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Programs in the areas of robotic assembly; mechanical, electrical, structural and systems engineering; structural and materials engineering; physics, dynamics and vibrational analysis, and; kinematics (i.e. equations). Participation in these STEM Programs, Illumnovate believes, shall provide exposure for young talent that may have been disenfranchised, economically or socially disadvantaged or might not have been afforded the opportunity due to other uncontrollable circumstance, while guaranteeing the successful development of young engineering and leadership talent for local communities, industries and World Society-at-Large.

A current research and development (R&D) project at Illumnovate, a prototype Industrial Robotic Arm is being designed and developed for industrial, and military (with possible healthcare-related) applications. Illumnovate is currently seeking investors and contracts to market this concept especially since it is extremely important that robotics is utiliized to its fullest potential in the 21st century with many dangerous and challenging working and operating environments imminent in which this technology can be used.