Featured Projects

Residential and Commercial IT Projects - General Lifecycle Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Current portolio of multiple residential and commercial IT projects showcases Illumnovate® to be the one-stop shop for planning, installation, security set-up, data backup, user training and general operations, maintenance and repair for PCs, terminals, peripherals, networks (including wireless).

Many current residential and/or commercial IT projects do include exercised options for maintenance contracts and subscription-based tech support to ensure continued Quality of Service (QoS) levels and uninterrupted operations.

Web Page Design, Application and Media Development

llumnovate's Portfolio comprising of several Web Page Development, Automated Workflow and Applications Design Consulting Projects demonstrates Illumnovate's ability to evolve with innovative standards and design methodologies, tools and processes that invoke seamless business operations for Illumnovate's Clients.

Illumnovate® also produces various media and presentation projects for its Clients/Customers upon special request to assist in Branding and Marketing Programs to attract leads in generating the highest sales potential!

With these innovative projects, not only can Illumnovate® help Clients satisfy their Organizations' requirements and met their objectives, but also these projects demonstrate dynamic, proactive and intuitive features that employ product, service and process improvement, thereby ensuring continued business viability and growth while increasing stakeholder, customer and consumer satisfaction.

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