Illumnovate® supports Facilities Management in terms of assisting with consulting in research and development (R&D) for designing and integrating workplace solutions. Examples of workplace solutions that assist in helping to make a safe and comfortable, efficient and convenient workplace, regardless of the type of building, facility, plant or location are as follows:

  1. - IoT Technology Implemented and Installed/Deployed for Telecom/IT/Continuous Network and Industrial Operations Center (e.g., SCADA) at Office Spaces, Conference/Collaboration Rooms/Areas, Control Rooms)
  2. - Remote IoT Technology/Tool Suites for HVAC/Environmental, Lighting Controls and Fire/Police Emergency Alerts
  3. - Communications Systems
  4. - Equipment Footprint Floor Plans/Layouts
  5. - IoT-Based Industrial Equipment
  6. - Ergonomic, Aestheic Systems and Controls with Human Factor Considerations