Illumnovate® Technical Staff are comprised of Senior Level Systems Engineers, Technical Consultants and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). With over thirty (30) years corporate experience in the areas of Commercial Industry, Manufacturing and Retail, Aerospace, Academia and Telecom. The Technical Staff are proven and can provide practical, hands-on engineering, development and integration services to provide feasible, cost-effective technical solutions to Commercial, Educational & Residential Clients, Customers and Organizational Stakeholders.

And with broad knowledge accesses, active participation and/or affiliations with INCOSE, ISACA, IEEE, ISSA, ASME, ASQ, NIST and other International/National Standard Bodies, along with unique regional, national and international relationships with various vendors/distributors, Illumnovate's technical and business personnel use these relationships to acquire and utilize industry best practices and quality supplies, respectively.

Illumnovate's technical personnel and consultants then research available technologies to meet customer requirements while searching to provide the best, most cost-effective, high quality products and services that can be acquired for timely procurement and source selection. Once Illumnovate® presents the available options to the Client/Customer/Stakeholder, and then upon approval, Illumnovate® can then execute the selected option to ultimately build, integrate and deploy the selected technology solution into the Client's/Customer's/Stakeholder's Enterprise, Organization, Business and/or Residence.