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Over Thirty (30) Years of Technical and Corporate Experience in Applied and Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing, Research and Development (R&D), Customer Service, Aerospace and Telecom.

World-Class, Formally Trained, Educated and Certified Personnel with Successful and Practical, Hands-On Engineering and Systems Integration, Program/Project Management, Quality and Risk Management, Business/Industrial Operations and R&D/Consulting Experience

Work Order Fulfillment/Project Initiation & Contract Management

Our potential Clients visit Illumnovate website to provide a message for one of our Illumnovate Service Representatives for callback or they call Illumnovate directly to setup a consultation visit at Client's site, residence or select neutral location. Services are provided by appointment only and require a one hour minimum consultation (which is charged as services rendered) for discussion regarding problem identification and potential solutions brainstorming session. During this session Illumnovate shall provide Client initial project considerations, basic level of effort (LOE), cost estimate and options for future work and actions moving forward.

Upon mutual signed, legally-binding agreement/contract by Client and Illumnovate to commerce delivery of Illumnovate Services, a 40% retainer shall be required prior to commencement of project initiation/work for value of estimated services/planned work greater than $1,000. (NOTE: Unless otherwise modified in orignal contract with specific conditions for payment schedule [e.g., NET 30, NET 45 for long-term - 1 year or longer $100K or higher value Prime/ Sub-contract] for services rendered).

Illumnovate® Program/Project Management, Engineering/Technical and Business Personnel shall continue to perform optimal stakeholder expectations management, project and contractual management using industry best-practices by upholding its standards, integrity and ethics while adhering to compliance regulations to the fullest extent of the Law until project completion/project closing.

Per Illumnovate Privacy Policy (navigate to the "About Illumnovate®" Tab, then to the "Privacy Policy" link, located at the top of Corporate web page), all Client project materials and intellectual property/capital are treated as Company Proprietary, unless written consent is presented to Illumnovate® by the Client in question. Upon project completion/project closeout for services rendered by Illumnovate for the Client in question and invoice receipt to the Client, payment balance is due immediately to Illumnovate®, LLC.

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